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Learn inside tips and tricks
Learn inside tips and tricks
Tap into industry knowledge
Tap into industry knowledge
Bespoke training on your account
Bespoke training on your account
Practical & theoretical sessions
Practical & theoretical sessions
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Immediate availability
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Simply hourly rates
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    Our Google Ads training services consists of both 1-hour 1-2-1 sessions and 6-week hands-on training programs.

    Training is charged at an hourly rate.

    Our Google ad 1-2-1 training includes a range of options tailored to meet individual needs, from 1-hour 1-2-1 sessions to 6-week hands-on training programs.

    Some key features of your training services include:

    • Short & long courses: We offer training courses of varying lengths to accommodate different learning objectives and time constraints.
    • Practical training: Our training programmes focus on practical aspects of PPC, providing participants with hands-on experience and real-world scenarios.
    • 1-2-1 sessions: Individualised 1-2-1 sessions allow for personalised attention and tailored guidance to address specific training needs.
    • In-House training: We offer the option of conducting training sessions directly at the client’s location, providing convenience and flexibility.
    • Shopping, Search, Display: Our training covers various aspects of PPC advertising, including Shopping, Search, and Display campaigns, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of different ad formats.
    • Google Ad systems: Our training programmes specifically focus on Google Ads, providing participants with in-depth knowledge of the Google Ad systems and best practices.

    By offering bespoke training in all aspects of PPC and tailoring it to individual needs, we provide a valuable opportunity for individuals and businesses to enhance their PPC skills and optimise their advertising efforts.

    Fast Hire enables you to quickly buy training hours if you just need a quick 1-2-1 session.

    Live Group Workshop (Ads)

    Learn with others from $10 per lesson

    Live Group Workshop (Ads)