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  • Product Disapprovals
  • Feed Disapprovals
  • Account Suspensions
  • Item diagnostics
  • Website reviews
  • Policy reviews
  • Misrepresentation reviews
  • Account audit
  • Product audit
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    Our Merchant Issues, Reviews & Disapprovals services are priced based on an hourly rate. This pricing structure allows you to pay for the specific amount of time and expertise required.

    Here are some examples of the areas our Merchant Issues, Reviews & Disapprovals service can cover:

    1. Product Disapprovals: If your products are being disapproved in advertising platforms, we can review the reasons for disapproval, identify the issues, and provide guidance on how to rectify them. We will ensure that your products meet the platform’s guidelines and policies.
    2. Feed Disapprovals: If your product feed is being disapproved, we will analyze the feed and identify the specific reasons for disapproval. We will work with you to fix the issues and ensure that your feed meets the requirements of the advertising platform.
    3. Account Suspensions: In the unfortunate event of an account suspension, we can help investigate the reasons behind it and work towards reinstating your account. We will review your account’s compliance with policies and take the necessary steps to resolve any issues.
    4. Item Diagnostics: Our experts can conduct item diagnostics to identify any errors or issues with specific products in your feed. This includes reviewing attributes, data quality, and any other factors that may affect the visibility and performance of individual products.
    5. Website Reviews: We can review your website to ensure it complies with the advertising platform’s policies. We will check for issues such as misrepresentation, misleading claims, or other violations that may lead to disapprovals or account suspensions.
    6. Policy Reviews: Our team can review and assess your advertising policies to ensure they align with the platform’s guidelines. We will provide recommendations and guidance on any necessary updates or modifications to meet the platform’s requirements.
    7. Misrepresentation Reviews: If there are concerns regarding misrepresentation of products or services, we can review your product listings and provide feedback on how to accurately represent your offerings in compliance with platform policies.
    8. Account Audit: We can perform a comprehensive audit of your advertising account to identify areas of improvement, identify potential issues, and optimize your campaigns for better performance and compliance.
    9. Product Audit: Our experts can conduct a product audit to review the quality, accuracy, and completeness of product data in your feed. We will ensure that your products are well-optimized and meet the platform’s requirements.

    These examples demonstrate how we can assist you with resolving product disapprovals, feed disapprovals, account suspensions, conducting diagnostics and reviews, as well as performing audits to enhance compliance and performance in advertising platforms. Our goal is to ensure that your products and accounts are in good standing and optimized for success.

    We understand and value flexibility. At Assist PPC, we do not believe in tying our clients to long-term contracts or imposing any kind of tie-ins. You are free to cancel our services at any time without any contractual obligations. We strive to provide exceptional service and results to earn your continued business, rather than relying on contractual agreements.

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