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    Our outsourcing services for Virtual PPC Employees are based on an hourly rate.

    Here are some examples of outsourcing services we cover:

    1. One-off tasks: Our Virtual PPC Employees can assist with specific PPC tasks that need to be completed, such as setting up new campaigns, creating ad copy, or conducting keyword research.
    2. Virtual employees: We provide virtual PPC employees who work remotely, allowing you to access their expertise and assistance without the need for physical presence or office space.
    3. Virtual team: We can assemble a dedicated virtual PPC team for you, consisting of specialists who work together to handle various aspects of your PPC campaigns.
    4. Management: Our Virtual PPC Employees can take on the responsibility of managing your PPC campaigns, ensuring they are running smoothly, optimising performance, and staying aligned with your marketing goals.
    5. Campaign creation: Our team can help create new PPC campaigns across different platforms like Google Ads, Bing Ads, or social media advertising channels. They will structure the campaigns effectively to maximise results.
    6. Optimization: Our Virtual PPC Employees will continuously monitor and optimise your campaigns, adjusting bids, refining targeting settings, and improving ad performance to drive better results and maximise ROI.
    7. Reporting: We provide comprehensive reporting services, where our Virtual PPC Employees analyse campaign data, generate insightful reports, and present the performance metrics and key insights to you regularly.
    8. Client communications: Our Virtual PPC Employees can handle client communications related to PPC campaigns. They can provide updates, address queries, and offer strategic recommendations to ensure effective collaboration with your clients.

    These are just a few examples of how our Virtual PPC Employees can support you with various tasks related to PPC advertising. Their expertise, remote availability and dedication can streamline your PPC operations and contribute to your marketing success.

    We understand and value flexibility. At Assist PPC, we do not believe in tying our clients to long-term contracts or imposing any kind of tie-ins. You are free to cancel our services at any time without any contractual obligations. We strive to provide exceptional service and results to earn your continued business, rather than relying on contractual agreements.

    On-demand services
    On-demand services
    Virtual PPC Employee
    Virtual PPC Employee