Examples of how we can help:
  • Setting up a feed
  • Reasons for disapprovals
  • Shopping attributes
  • Feed optimisation
  • Segmenting products
  • Shopping campaigns
  • Creating promotions
  • Sale & Price drops
  • Shipping
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Learn inside tips and tricks
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Tap into industry knowledge
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Bespoke training on your account
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    Our Merchant Center training services consists of both 1-hour 1-2-1 sessions and 6-week hands-on training programs.

    Training is charged at an hourly rate.

    Our Merchant Center training covers various aspects of Merchant Center to help participants effectively manage their product feeds and optimise their shopping campaigns.

    The key topics included in our Merchant Center Training are as follows:

    • Setting up a feed: Participants will learn how to set up a product feed in Merchant Center, including the required attributes and feed specifications.
    • Reasons for disapprovals: Our training will cover the common reasons for product disapprovals in Merchant Center and provide guidance on how to address and resolve them.
    • Shopping attributes: Participants will gain knowledge about the different shopping attributes and how to properly optimise them to improve product visibility and performance.
    • Feed optimisation: Training includes strategies and best practices for optimising product feeds, ensuring accurate and high-quality data representation.
    • Segmenting products: Participants will learn how to segment their products in Merchant Center to create targeted campaigns and enhance campaign performance.
    • Shopping campaigns: Our training covers the setup and management of shopping campaigns in Google Ads, including campaign structure, bidding strategies, and performance optimisation.
    • Creating promotions: Participants will gain insights into creating promotions and special offers for their products in Merchant Center, helping to attract more customers and drive sales.
    • Sale & Price drops: Training includes guidance on leveraging sale and price drop events to showcase discounted products and increase conversion opportunities.
    • Shipping: Participants will learn how to set up and manage shipping settings in Merchant Center, ensuring accurate and transparent information for customers.

    By offering comprehensive Merchant Center Training, we equip participants with the knowledge and skills to effectively manage their product feeds, resolve disapprovals, optimise shopping attributes, and run successful shopping campaigns. This training will help maximize the potential of Merchant Center to drive more sales and increase online visibility.

    Fast Hire enables you to quickly buy training hours if you just need a quick 1-2-1 session.

    Live Group Workshop (Shopping)

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    Live Group Workshop (Shopping)